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Hello. I'm called Salya and I'm looking for a good Role-play or two.
Facts about me:
• I been Role-playing for many years now with a lots of breaks.
• I am a night person.
• My spelling sucks... still. but I try my best. Any word with a * means I question that word's spellings. You may tell me if it's right or wrong, I don't mind the help.
• I'm not always on here. Sorry but if we are RPing, Just PM me to remind me to reply or something.
• I will update this thread whenever My mood changes.
• I like m/f/m and m/f over others but I'll do m/m and f/f....

Profiles||Post previews||Plots


- Read and such the Tainted Onez rules and such.
- Only looking for one-on-ones.
- No PM rps.
- My OCs are not mary-sues....or whatever.
- Don't whine if I don't wanna rp with you.
- PM only to plan a RP.


Bold means I'll play that OC.
Hearts ♥ mean I want to do that pairing.
More ♥s the more I want to do it.

Godzilla 2014 (AU ish since Godzilla and others can turn into humans)
Godzilla x OC ♥♥♥♥

Devil May Cry- (1, 2 or anime)
Dante x OC

MegaMan X - AU
OC x Zero and/or X ♥♥♥♥

Tai or Matt x OC

Dragon Ball
Uke!Goku x My OC/female witch
Gohan x Rain/My OC
Goku x random Oc
Gogeta x random Oc x Vegetto/Vegito

Green Oak or Red x My OC
N x My OC
Silver x My OC

Spiderman/Peter x My OC (Any ver but really loves Andrew's ver or Tom's ver.) ♥♥♥
IronMan/Tony x My OC

Batman/Dick x My OC (Nightwing is Batman since the real Bat disappeared.)
Jason Tad/Jay x My OC
Nightwing/Dick x My OC

Sonic the Hedgehog -AU since all characters will be able to shift into humans-
Sonic x My OC -Sonic can be in any form-
Sonic x My OC x Shadow


Original: All Fantasy. Note: I don't RP as humans anymore. Sorry!
Furry wolf x Witch ♥♥♥♥
Furry Fox(nine tails plz) x witch ♥♥♥♥
Dragon shifter x Witch ♥♥♥♥
Dark Goddess x Hades ♥♥
Wolf demon x Fox Demon ♥♥♥
Witch x Shifter(of any kind) ♥♥♥

Wolf shifter x Warlock
Wolf shifter x Fox shifter (I'll play either) ♥♥♥

•Note: Witches/Warlocks that I play as are my custom race of magic users. They are born into a magic clan that the clan's crest is a birthmark on their bodies. They appear human and stops aging in the range of 21-28 and can not be killed unless they are killed with their clan's hidden yet sacred weapons(swords, dagger, etc).
•Note again: Since I can only draw humanoid characters, our rp may get artwork or....I may with your ok, do a story of some kind...

PM me if interested. I can try to come up with plots but I don't know...
Reply with questions, you may have.