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Mobius's Lore, Locations, and Inhabitants - SalyaDarken - 05-03-2022

Mobius's Lore, Locations, and Inhabitants
(***Descriptions subject to change.***)

There are 4 known dimensions that is linked to this Planet

The dimensions

Classic Sonic's world
Classic Sonic's world is a reflection of Sonic's dimension, possessing many of the same distinguished locations, like Angel Island, inhabitants, like Sonic the Hedgehog and Dr. Eggman, and objects, like the Chaos Emeralds and Master Emerald. The history of Classic Sonic's world likewise features many events similar to those that have happened in Sonic's dimension, such as the various hunts for the Chaos Emeralds and the ongoing conflict between Sonic and Eggman, although with their own unique twists to them; it is these events that differentiate it from its counterpart.[1]

While their timelines appear similar, Classic Sonic's world is a couple of years behind Sonic's dimension. The inhabitants of Classic Sonic's world are therefore younger than their counterparts in Sonic's dimension, and some events in Sonic's dimension have yet to transpire in Classic Sonic's world.

Modern Sonic's world
Much of Sonic's world remains unknown. However, it appears very similar to earth, possessing continents, green flora, blue oceans, islands, clouds, deserts, forests, and blue skies. Numerous villages and cities are known to be located there. While the planet is home to a number of natural and grounded environments, some territories on the planet exhibit strange or even surreal environments, such as rock formations shaped like intertwined corkscrew loops, forest areas with levitating blocks of land, and even floating islands.

The planet itself is primarily inhabited by anthropomorphic animals, as well as other lifeforms, such as Chao and, more recently, Wisps.

Silver's future
Differ of the Rps. Sometimes it's bad as Sonic 06, other times it's good.

Exe World
This dimension is a copy of Modern Sonic's world but more dark and well bloody. This is home to Sonic.exe and others that he created.

Fabled Islands

Angel Island
Angel Island is an island that floats through the skies of Sonic's world, suspended by the mystical powers of the Master Emerald; without the Emerald however, the island will plummet from the sky in a matter of hours or almost immediately. The Alter Emerald and the shrine of Master Emerald is location at the center of the island. The island has a highly variable environment, such as a mushroom forest, an amusement park, an ancient ruin, multiple deserts, and high icy mountains.

Space Colony ARK
Also known as ‘Heaven’s Island’ or ‘Devil’s Comet’. It is a space station, and was the most advanced research center of its kind, built more than fifty years before the events of the Space Colony ARK incident.

The ARK was used by the government for scientific testing and experimentation, and housed some of the world's finest minds in the most advanced research center of its kind. One such scientist was Professor Gerald Robotnik, grandfather of Dr. Eggman, many of whose inventions remained aboard the ARK until being reactivated many years after his death. It is particularly notable as the "birthplace" of Shadow the Hedgehog and the Biolizard.

This is WIP and is more based on the Comics. ICW and Archie Comic mixed with some Original stuff.

RE: Mobius's Lore, Locations, and Inhabitants - SalyaDarken - 05-03-2022

Creatures of Mobius

Homo Sapiens, once evolved from monkeys eons ago. They’re generally taller than most mobians and come in far less variety of shapes and colors. Though it’s less common in humans, there are still those that have been known to have extraordinary abilities. Some refer to human abilities as ‘magic’ despite being similar to Mobians with similar gifts.

Anthropomorphic animals that can walk and talk just like humans. Generally much shorter than the average human, they can come in a variety of different creatures and colors. Many mobians have extraordinary and supernatural abilities, though not all do.

Dark Gaia Spawn
Minions of Dark Gaia that partially mirror its image. They detest all light, they detest all hope, they eat away at it, nibble away to leave only dark. They consume all joy and all being. And by doing so, another of their number is born. One must always have a light source with them if they somehow find themselves Below, for without it, they will be consumed.

The Accursed
Those exposed to darkness aren’t always consumed. Sometimes their inner light burns so intensely that they’re able to keep their sanity even as any spark of hope is taken from them. But they are infected by it, and their sanity is slowly consumed. Chaos energy can drive the infection back, but not remove it; that would take a miracle. It is a slower death, but in the end the victim will eventually either die or become one of them; a Spawn.

**Addendum: Terra Infection: While Dark Gaia Spawn make a habit of draining their targets completely to replicate and replenish themselves there are some cases where they are unable to finish the job. If the subject is lucky they remain irritable for a few days while they recover. But the unlucky few are left with an infection of their spirit, accursed.

An accursed looks ordinary from a casual glance, but are distinguishable by translucent marks on their body that shine brightly in the dark. Day by day the infected are drained of positive emotion and are more tempted to give into their darker impulses. Chaos Shards can delay the infection's advance, but no cure exists. Eventually the victim loses their will and becomes a spawn at which time they will act accordingly and attack everyone around them as such. It is said that long term victims with a strong enough will to resist the darkness gain the ability to shift towards a complete transformation under emotional duress as well as control it, and are capable of returning to a 'normal' state once they've calmed down. But such things are unconfirmed. For while the accursed are pitied, only the most selfish let themselves be a risk to their loved ones, right?

Ancient machines crafted by those who lived over 400 years ago. Automatons come with all sorts of shapes and designs and are rarely found outside of the Below. These robots require a great deal of fuel to keep powered thus making active ones an ideal target for old world tech and Chaos Crystals. Most Automatons however have long shut down as their fuel has turned to ash centuries ago. It is extremely rare to find a free thinking Automaton as most were built to serve and complete a small number of tasks.