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Welcome to the Tainted Onez! On this page we'll give you all the information you need to successfully navigate our forums and guide you through the rules and expectations we have in place so all of our members can have a stress-free, drama-free time here!
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Quick Start Guide:
  • Newbie Packet - an all-in-one informational walk-through for those just starting out at the Tainted Onez! ((Note: This is WIP))
  • Angel-in-Training Sign-Up Thread - a thread where in members new to the forum can sign up for a mentor that can help guide them around the place and induct them into our community! (Note: WIP)
  • Posting Help! - A walkthrough guide for posting here, from basic bolding and italics options, to doing neat stuff such as quoting, multi-quoting, and image hosting.
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Things-to-Know Click on each heading below to guide you to where you want to go. Note! Many of the links below are also lined in the left-hand module entitled "Navigation", visible on every page of the forum, for your convenience.
  1. Forum Rules
  2. Code of Conduct
  3. Avatar and Signature Rules and Guidelines
  4. Roleplaying Section Information, Rules, and Guidelines
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More Information 
  • Forum Staff
  • Member Ranks and Raising Information
  • Club Directory
  • Guild Information - Artists, Graphics, and Cosplayers Guild, Writing and Roleplaying Guild

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