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[Image: fOFG3sW.png]
General Rules of Tainted Onez
  1. Be Respectful.
    Treat everyone fairly, and just be pleasant.

  2. No religious or political discussions.
    a) These topics typically involve drama, so please refrain from posting them.
    b) Personal issues and beliefs are important and we try to keep an open mind in everything we do for TOZ, however this rule applies to all members and people, as not everyone thinks or believes the same thing. As long as there is no violation of our rules or code of conduct, or there is nothing is being rudely displayed (like pictures, known offensive slang, name calling, etc), then I will simply ask that members just do not participate in the thread if it makes them uncomfortable to do so.
    c)While in Stories such as Fandoms, Some drama as this is allowed but Have some warnings for the readers!

  3. Spam and Triple Posting Rules.
    Please follow common forum etiquette by avoiding spamming and triple posting around Tainted Onez in all areas but the Spam, which was made specifically for spamming and goofing off.
    a) Triple Posting: Members may Triple post in a thread if 12 hours or more have elapsed since their last post. However, doing this constantly (i.e., being the only person to post in a thread for multiple days on end, resulting in a string of posts made by one person), may be found in violation of this rule if Admin or Moderators feel you are spamming or posting excessively and will ask you to stop.
    b) Stay on topic: Adhere to the topic of a thread. If you would like to talk about something else or something similar but not related to the topic, create a new thread to discuss it. Likewise, threads should be made in the appropriate sections of the forum which match their topics.

  4. Only one account per user.
    This is to prevent drama, number inflation, and lying. If you create more than one account, a ban may be given. However Staff are allowed to have up to 2 accounts as Backup or Random NPC for RP. Please refer to the Code of Conduct for more details.

    a. Temporary or single-use e-mail addresses may be banned in an effort to combat spam bots. IP addresses and VPNs associated with these accounts may also become blocked. If you believe you have been blocked in error, please e-mail us at

  5. Excessive Images must be placed in a Spoiler.
    How to use a Spoiler
    [spoiler]Your stuff goes here[/spoiler]
    Alternatively: in the "preview" post editing mode, highlight the portion you want in your spoiler and click the image of the notebook paper with a caution sign in front of it.
  6. Username Rules. 
    Names may not contain any Bad Words (like Fucker etc).

    Members will be required to display "Formerly [Prior Name]" as their personal text or include it prominently in their signature for a 90 day period following the change.

    A username may be changed twice, but a 6-month waiting period will be required between name changes.

  7. Avatar and Signature Requirements.
    See this thread for details on our Avatar and Signature guidelines.

  8. Points Prizes.
    The Tainted Onez implements a point system called Gold for participating around the boards which members may use their points/gold to purchase prizes to display in their signature, such as sprites from the Sprite shop. 

  9. Chatroom and Discord Rules
    Before using our Chat-box or joining any Discord group affiliated with Tainted Onez, members must read and reply to this thread to show that they understand the rules in place for our chat groups.
Any questions about these Rules can be sent via PM to Staff. If you have comments or concerns, SalyaDarken's PM and E-Mail inboxes are always open.

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