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Signature and Avatar Rules
[Image: gB5wFp4.png]
Section I. Avatars

[Image: tWVxa3K.png]
Avatar Requirements
- Max image size for avatars are 150px by 200px.
- Must conform to a PG-13 rating.

I. Changing your Avatar: 
Members are allowed to change their own avatar however - Try not to change it a lot please. Once a month or so is fine.

II. Limits on Avatar Changes
To keep in line with the Founder's Note above, members must wait the mentioned 1 month between changing avatars. 

Special allowances in changing avatars:
  • Becoming Admin
  • Becoming Moderator
  • Stepping down from Admin
  • Steeping down from Moderator (as long as we don't suspect this is an abuse of the system)
Section II. Signature Requirements
Definition of terms:

Sig / Siggy / Signature
[Image: pn5c6zT.png]
"Signature", can often refer to the main large image (500 x 200 pixels on TOZ) in your signature.

Bumper Sprite Guild Contest Icon Stamp
[Image: vCYBD0M.png] [Image: YiaM0tD.gif] Soon [Image: zUJwnAw.png]
100x100 pixels icons often used on the sides of your signature (500 x 200 image). On TOZ, these are often prizes given out from games and events. Little pixel dolls similar to old school video games. Won from Guild-only contests. Collectibles that you can get freely every day, by achieving milestones, or purchasing them.

Section 1: Rules
Signature Rules:
Signatures can be changed as much as you like as long as it conforms with a PG-13 rating.
  • Text: Up to 2 lines.
    --The maximum size allowed for text is Size 18. Lines must be on top or under your signature image.
    --If you have no images in your signature, you can have up to 4 lines of text.
  • Images: Up to 2 lines.
    --Things that may not be stacked (meaning you can not use them in both lines): 
    signature image (500 x 200),

  • The maximum width of your entire signature area may not exceed the width of the forum's threads. So if your signature starts stretching threads, then it is too wide.
    --Any possible arrangement of sprites, guild icons or stamps on the secondary line (the one not containing the sig image) must not be any wider than a signature with two bumpers on either side. (See examples below).
  • These rules can be changed at any time and are enforced at the interpretation and discretion of staff.

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