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Roleplaying Rules
Here are all of Intel and rules that go with our Roleplay areas.

Please use the links below to guide you around our section and find out about everything it has to offer!

General Rules of the RP Section
[Image: QFW4ZQd.png] Main Roleplays and how to Submission one
[Image: QFW4ZQd.png] Character Profile Guidelines and Submission Information
[Image: QFW4ZQd.png] Character Profile Adoption Guidelines and Information
[Image: QFW4ZQd.png] Roleplaying F.A.Q. and Quick Start Guide (Will send you to another thread.)

RP Section General Information
[Image: QFW4ZQd.png]Roleplay Events: Casual vs Hardcore
[Image: QFW4ZQd.png]Monthly Roleplaying Challenges
General Rules of the RP Section
We've got general rules, and then rules specific to the type of RP experience you wish to enjoy: Relaxed (it's all for fun anyway! Not too many restrictions or rules) and Advanced (for the more srs peeps). General rules are followed by everybody here, but then it splits depending on which style you want to play with. 

General Rules:
  1. The same rules and code of conduct that apply to the rest of the Tainted Onez apply to the RPG. For a copy of the Forum Rules and Code of Conduct, click here.
  2. Role-players and members of the RPG must be active members or participants of non-RPG areas of Tainted Onez. 
  3. Posting and story lines should be kept 18+ and below. 
  4. No god-modding, power playing, or meta-gaming allowed.
  5. Keep OOC (Out of Character) talk in role-playing posts to a minimum. Use the code below to tag all OOC posts that occur in RPing threads; do not post OOC-only posts in RP threads - post OOC-only posts in the OOC thread for your storyline.
    [spoiler=OOC]Your OOC message[/spoiler]
  6. Once a character has reacted to one of your In-Character posts, you are not to go back and edit your post to change the flow of the story.
  7. Specific posting orders and activity rules are not required in roleplay threads unless outlined in that thread's OOC board, but please be courteous. Please refrain from double-posting. Remember that sometimes fancy color tags and fonts aren't easily read on all computers. And don't hold up a roleplay for three weeks because they are waiting on you to post.

Consequences for choosing to break a Roleplay Section Rule.
  1. [b]First Offense[/b] The member will be contacted via PM by a staff member regarding the violation. This PM will be considered a warning.
  2.  [b]Second Offense [/b]If the same violation continues to occur or a separate violation occurs, then the member will be contacted by a staff member via PM regarding this violation and a second warning will be issued. At this stage, two things will happen:
    (1) the member will be placed on a temporary one week probation* from all role-plays, including games and events. Their characters will be treated as NPCs until their return. *in this sense, probation means that the member will not be allowed to post in the roleplaying sections of the Galaxy Cauldron Forums, but will still have access to and may post in the rest of the Galaxy Cauldron Forums.
    (2) the member will be requested to join the Writing and Roleplaying Guild and sign up for a Roleplaying Mentor; their mentor will be advised of their situation, and will create exercises for the member to complete in an attempt to improve areas of concern brought forth through the violations the member has. If they complete all exercises successfully and demonstrate an understanding of the issues they had, why it is important to fix them, and how to go about not making the same violation again, they may be allowed to end their probationary period early.
  3. [b]Third Offense[/b] If the same violation continues to occur or a separate violation occurs, then the member will be contacted by Staff via PM. At this stage, the member will be placed on a temporary two week ban from Tainted Onez - the entire site. As before, their characters will be treated as NPCs until their return.
  4. Final Offense At this stage, the member will be banned from Tainted Onez and given further instruction by Staff via the email the member's account is registered with.

*** If warranted a serious offense, the member may be temporarily banned from Tainted Onez or given further instruction by Staff.
Roleplays on here are free for members to do anything they wish. Like how Gaia-online does their Rps but ours are set up for easier and hopefully funner settings. Which members may roleplay anything they wish and just have fun.

General Notes on the RPs
  1. All Roleplays must have an OOC thread in the OOC chat for members to join in and to help plot things out. RP searching threads go there as well.
  2. bumps once a week, 7 days.
  3. All Group RPs will need to use this Form in their OOC thread.
  4. Also in the first post of your roleplay thread, include:
    a) a link to your OOC Thread (if you have an OOC thread; note, your OOC thread should be created before your RP thread is submitted)
    b) a list of characters and their respective players (character names linked profiles are encouraged but not mandatory)
  5. Remember: Roleplaying Moderators and Staff Members will be reading through and enjoying your roleplay; all roleplay rules outlined above are to be followed without exception.
Notes on RP Activity
Group RPs are expected to be active - to be posted in and played on a regular basis. If a group roleplay is thought to be going inactive (hasn't seen a new post in a few weeks), the Moderator of that section will bump the board with a note on the roleplay's waning activity level. This time limit varies depending on the number of roleplayers in it:
  • 2 players: 45 days of inactivity
  • 3+ players: 30 days of inactivity
After this warning is given, you will have one week to continue the RP with an in-character post, or the rp itself will be moved to the RP Archive.

The Graveyard aka RP Archive
The Graveyard is where inactive rps go to rest in peace (er, we use it to keep the boards clean XD). But don't worry! If you goofed and accidentally let your rp go inactive and want to revive it, RP staff can bring your roleplay back to life! You just have to Make a Request.
Once your storyline is revived, any Moderator inactivity warnings will be removed, and you can continue posting as normal!

OOC Boards also have a graveyard; when your RP is sent to the graveyard, so, too, is your RP's OOC board. However, you are allowed to keep posting on your OOC board while it is in the graveyard (not so with your storyline), so you can plan and organize a comeback if you so desire. When your RP is revived, so, too, can be your OOC board.

The Hall of Fame
The Hall of Glory is an area in the Roleplaying Section wherein Roleplays are moved upon their completion: when their plot has ended and their players have wrapped up the story to their liking. We move roleplays to this area to show them off, to congratulate players for their hard work and dedication, and to provide readers who are looking for a completed work a place to peruse and read at their leisure.

When the rps are moved to the Hall of Fame, Aerith, the Roleplaying Section's Graphics Administrator, will make a bumper and/or a Tainted Onez signature for the storyline, styled after its theme or main characters, and will add it to the first post of that storyline for players to claim and use as they would.
Character Profiles are descriptions of the characters a roleplayer intends to use - they could be a general profile to be used in all role-plays, or a specific profile created for a specific Role-play.

General Notes on Character Profiles
  1. All Characters must have a profile submitted to their respective sections in the your Character thread, posted in this area.
    a) one character thread per member.
  2. There are no Official App for characters, so you may use any App you wish. It can be basic or really detailed.
  3. The only kind of characters that don't need Apps are Canons.

Why are Profiles Required?

  1. Organizational Purposes so we, and other players, know who likes to play who and can look into recruiting you for future roleplays.
  2. Knowledge so players can get to know their characters better
  3. Accountability to remind players to keep in character

Non-Player Character (NPC) Information

NPC's are non-player characters (as opposed to player characters, or PC's). While Player characters have a roleplayer behind them directing their actions and thoughts, non-player characters generally do not. Player Characters must go through the profile approval process outlined above, while NPC's do not, as their roles are generally side or supporting roles and are used to advance the plot in some way and then usually disappear from the story.
Typically, NPC's are controlled by the RP creator, but, if stated in the OOC for the RP, anyone in the roleplay can control them. 
At Tainted Onez, we typically treat NPC's thusly:
Quote:Any player can control an NPC, but they could never be them - like we don't write for them but we can write about what they do.

Like you can have them speak and whatnot, just can't be in their minds.
For example, having an NPC waiter/waitress take your order and then describing that they went and got it and returned would be using the NPC, going into her motive behind her actions, her thoughts as she got the food, etc., would not be NPC. NPCing a victim of a tragedy may have them tell the rest of the group what they had gone through, and maybe point out the next objective for the group, but going into their backstory, their feelings, or their thought-process would not be NPC. Generally, you show what NPC's do, not explain why they are doing it.

If an NPC goes beyond the realm of being an NPC - for example, a player goes too far into their heads, making them a feature rather than an accessory - we will request that the player either a) revise their post or b) make a profile and turn the NPC into a PC within one day of the post being made.

If multiple in-depth posts (i.e., posts told from the "NPC's" perspective) are made and it is obvious that the NPC is being treated as a PC by the player, the player will receive a warning for posting in a storyline without an accepted profile. 

Players that go on LOA and leave instructions for another person to "control" their character generally means to treat their character as an NPC, else assure that their character is not left behind if the setting keeps moving - it does not give permission for another player to roleplay as their character without an approved profile.
Character Profile Adoptions

Sometimes, for one reason or another, you might be interested in adopting a pre-made character profile. Maybe you're just trying out a character and want to get a feel for them; maybe someone put a neat-looking OC up for adoption and you want to give them a home; maybe you want to try something new for that upcoming event; maybe a player went inactive in a roleplay that required a specific type of profile, and you'd like to adopt their profile and take over their place (either while they are away or, in some cases, permanently). In any case, we have an Adoptables Section, run by Ted or Lazlo, that is made to fit your needs.

General Notes on Character Adoption
Relaxed Side-Character Adoptions

  1. If a character is listed as up for adoption, he or she may be claimed by any player, to be used in any roleplay where such a character is welcomed.
  2. To officially adopt a character, follow the guidelines outlined in the Adoptables Section to claim them; you may then submit them to your Character thread.
  3. Once you have adopted a character, they are yours! You can change anything about them - use adoptables as a springboard for other ideas, or flesh them out and take them in a direction of your choosing! Have fun with them!

Notes on Adopting Player-Made Characters

Sometimes an character, created by another player, involved in a specific RP, may become available for adoption to be used in that specific RP. In order for this to happen, one or more of these specific guidelines have been met:

  1. The player approves of/agrees to putting the specific character up for adoption. 
    a) This may be because they are going on LOA and want someone to officially cover their character (temporary adoption) or
    b) they are uninterested in continuing the storyline any further (permanent adoption).
    ---If the original creator is involved, they may see --- about putting a copy of their character profile, complete with RP Specific Information about the specific roleplay that character can be used in, into the Adoptables Area. 
  2. The player has not returned to Tainted Onez or replied to PMs sent to them in over 30 days without an LOA posted (possibly contested adoption - handled case by case by RP Admin).
    ---If the original character is not involved, other players in said story may make an appeal to --- to get a copy of the player's character profile, complete with specific RP Information, into the Adoptables Area.
Roleplaying Events in Tainted Onez Roleplaying Section: Casual and Hardcore
Events are special RPs run by Roleplay Administrators or Rainbow Crystal Stamp Holders; there are two very different kinds of events with different rules, expectations, and activity levels for players. These types and expectations are laid out below:

Casual Events
These events are the best way to dip your toes into the RP section. If you've ever been curious about joining us here, a Casual Event is the perfect way to try it out!
Casual Events are easy-going and fun, with no profile or posting requirements. They take place on random worlds.

  1. Duration:
    Casual Events can vary in length, which will be determined in the sign up thread. These lengths can be anywhere from a weekend burst to a month-long endeavor. There are also special RTRPs* that only take a couple of hours.
  2. General Rules:
    Although Casual Events are meant to be care-free playgrounds, there are still a few things you should try to keep in mind whilst participating:

    >Follow the General Rules of the RP Section
    These rules are the go-to rules that every roleplayer should know. Despite its more casual approach, these events still use the same rules as all other RPs.
    > Be mindful of other players!
    Casual Events are often big and full of many different players, which is always fun and part of the charm! However, we want to make sure everyone has a chance to play. We don't want anyone to get left behind! It's great to be enthusiastic towards the event, but if you notice that you are posting very often and very quickly, try to take a break and give the other players a chance to catch up to you! It's no fun to play alone, after all.
    > Read all posts!
    Make sure to read all of the previous posts before you make your next one! This ensures that you don't miss out on something vital, and can help to keep your character from missing out on some fun interactions or appearing rude by accidentally ignoring others!
    > Keep an eye out for event goals!
    The event host will often post a goal for everyone to reach for throughout a certain period of time. This is normally depicted in a quote box to make it stand out a little more! These are generally guidelines to try and help move the plot along, but they are not mandatory to complete.
    > Try to remain active!
    Keeping a regular posting regimen helps keep the flow of the event going strong! And your character plays a vital part! Of course, things can come up and hinder you from posting, and there's nothing wrong with that. There's no penalty for dropping out, and you can join back in when you have time. If possible, please let the event host know, or post in the OOC thread for the event!
  3. Requirements:
    There are no requirements to join in a Casual Event. Just have fun exploring your character with everyone else.

Examples of Past Casual Events: none right now

Hardcore Events
Hardcore events are a sampling of all the Roleplaying Section has to offer: dungeon crawler game elements, and a one-month time limit to complete the story or get a bad ending.

  1. Duration:
    > One month exactly, unless a problem arises with the host, in which case the event will be extended for the number of days the host was absent.
    > If the storyline is not resolved within a month's time, the mission fails.
  2. General Rules:
    > All roleplay rules and site rules apply
     >Activity Rule: Participants are required to post within 24-48 hours or will be removed from the event (their characters will either be lost or replaced).
         > Random Events may be introduced into the story if all players are active within the OOC chat or on the boards; Random Events are storyline plot events in which players will have a limited time to respond before consequences are enacted; each will come with a caveat in that if you cannot respond within the given time-frame, you may request another player's character take your character with them (if movement is required).
    > Consistency Rule: All players are held to the understanding that they will pay attention to the story flow, taking note of roleplay elements (situational - who's talking to who, where people are located, etc) and event elements (their HP, MP, the placement of others on the map, etc.). If a player derails the event with inconsistencies, consequences will occur.
  3. Requirements:
    >Word Requirement - Advanced Hardcore Events require minimum 100-word posts.
  4. Additional Elements:
    >Dungeon Crawler - some Hardcore Events will have dungeon-crawler game elements to them, wherein players will need to distribute attribute points to reflect their characters strengths, weaknesses, and special abilities, and will need to prescribe MP requirements to attacks. During these events, they will be at the mercy of random number generators (digital Dungeons and Dragons style die) for attacks and defense rolls to minimize godmodding and/or powerplaying.
    >Certain Events officially happen within the A Worlds' Timeline and so can be added to character's histories, instead of just their RP Information sections. Participating in these events, whether playing an original character or a canon character, can have consequences within this timeline we're creating together - characters can become famous, can make enemies and allies, and can, through RP events, grow and develop as characters and let that development follow them through the overarching plot.

The current World event train is as follows: None right now

Note, therefore, that choices have consequences in these games. Characters can die in these events if their HP goes less than 0 (in some circumstances), and therefore will not be allowed back into the chain after that event, and players who set stories in their character's 'future' may stipulate that a 'dead' character not participate because in their character's canon, that character is dead. This does not happen often.
Monthly Challenges in Tainted Onez Roleplaying Section
Every month on the fifth day, The RP staff will post an thread in the RP Events board, issuing challenges to the roleplaying community; these challenges range from easy-peasy to woah-that's-tough, and usually focus on a theme, activity levels, RP completion, or goals. Participating in these monthly challenges is not mandatory, but we encourage everyone to check them out to become more involved in the section!

Participation in or successful completion of these monthly challenges can earn players Roleplay Activity Card Points (by the truckload depending on what you do!) (This is a MAYBE) and beautiful bumpers to display in your signature, not to mention the bonds you've created through banding together with people when roleplaying! 

 Monthly Challenge Archive
Click on the award bumpers below to check out past RP Challenages, and remember to keep an eye out for the next challenge! You can easily spot challenges by their [RP Challenge] tag, and each challenge is color-coded to the month they're attached to!
None right now!

Challenge Complements
Accompanying our challenges, the RP Staff puts forth Casual Events that can count towards the Challenge Goals; these are always announced within the challenge threads, and then are carried out in other boards hosted in the RPG Announcement section, color coded to match the challenge and month! Examples (with links) are below:
  • none right now

Challenges and Challenge Complements are put together by the RP Staff Team during our monthly meetings; however, if you have an idea for a monthly Challenge or Challenge Theme, we'd love to hear from you! Submit it through our RP Suggestion Box!

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