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Group Rp OOC Thread Form
General Group Roleplay Information
  1. All Group Rps must have more then 2 players/characters. OnexOne Rps are different from group rps.
  2. Group Rps should be fully completed to the creator's best ability before being submitted for review. OOC boards are the perfect place to begin working on a story and such!
  3. There are two types of Rps: Relaxed and Advanced! If you are unsure what that means, check out the differences between the two down below!
  4. f a storyline goes inactive, it will be moved to the RP Archive. For information on the RP Archive click here.
  5. If you ever have any questions at all, please contact any of the RPG staff!
Submission Form
Note! The RP Creator (or one of the rp creators) should post the following form, completed, in this board with the title of topic being [Advanced]"Name of RP" or [Relaxed]"Name of RP".

RP Submission Form
[b]Group RP Name/Title:[/b]
[b]Creator(s):[/b] Your name goes here! (or the name of anyone who helped create the plot!)
[b]Forum:[/b] Choose which World/kingdom/area suits your RP best: [url=]Original[/url], [url=]Fandom[/url], [url=]Other[/url]
[b]Advanced or Relaxed*:[/b] [i]See below[/i]
[b]Plot Summary:[/b] Tell us about what you want to happen throughout the RP! It's okay to be a little vague to keep up the [i]mystery[/i] for other players, but you should have a clear idea of how you want the RP to advance and, eventually, end! This makes it much easier to keep on track whilst roleplaying! Feel free to be as detailed as you like!
[b]Details on any necessary information:[/b] Any information that doesn't quite fit into a plot summary but is still important to know for the story and plot!
[b]Restrictions:[/b] Such as which characters can or cannot join due to plot purposes, etc.
[b]OOC Thread:[/b] Please link to the OOC board created for this RP. If Discord is serving as the OOC board, please state "Discord"; similarly, if players are using PM's for your OOC board, please state "PM"
[b]Character App:[/b] The bio template that you wish members to use.
[b]Member to Character List:[/b]

Please list the names of the players and a link to their character's profile in this section (Or, if the profile is still in the works, then just list the character they intend to play! We highly suggest keeping this list up-to-date to make it easier for all players!)

[i][b]Please Note:[/b][/i]

[*]New Roleplay [i]requiring[/i] [i]5 or more characters[/i] will need at least [b]3[/b] players have signed up to take on roles before starting the RP. Creators will need to create an OOC Board (or open a Discord discussion as OOC) to attract members prior to starting.
[i]These rules has been added to save the creator time and energy, as they will only need to take on this approval process after gaining the knowledge that their storyline will be played![/i]

Note on Advanced vs Relaxed
Although Relaxed and Advanced roleplays use the same RP Submission Form, advanced submissions are required to have more detail than relaxed. Advanced RP also require all players involved to have Advanced Profiles. If, a storyline would like to switch from Relaxed to Advanced, the storyline creators may make that request in their RP Submission thread.

Example of the same storyline submitted twice - Relaxed vs Advanced:

First Post Rules and Information

Once your storyline has completed the process and has been approved:
  1. Copy Your RP Submission Post - the first post of your submissions thread (you can take away all the different colors if you colored changes throughout the process, etc.,). The easiest way to do this is to go into editing that post, hit 'ctrl+a' to select all the text, and copy it.
  2. Paste that RP post into a new thread in the Forum you requested. For example, if your RP takes place in Kingdom of Ockla which is on Tera, then go to the Tera boards, then the Kingdom of Ockla sub-board, create a new thread, and paste it there.
  3. Entitle that Thread based on the Status [Advanced] or [Relaxed], followed by the RP Name/Title.
  4. Make sure to update the Player to Character list as more players/characters join! Do Not Forget to link profiles to the character names! It makes it easier on everyone if they can click and get to that profile without having to search through the hundreds of  profile Threads on here!

Note: You may delete some fields from your RP Submission Form to make your first post neater! You may also add in pictures, awards, etc!

However, the following fields must be present at all times!
Quote:RP Name/Title: [an image with the name may replace this]
Storyline Submission: Link to the accepted thread
Plot Summary:
OOC: Link to the thread
Member to Character List:

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