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Some places that appear on all known planets
Here are the places that can be found on all of the Original Planets.

Adventurers guild: the first guild was found by the adventurer known as Drake who wish for a place for ones who wish for adventurers as well as to protect society and the common folk from fiends. Over time, No one knew just who he was nor which planet he started this on. But everyone was glad for it.

The Guild Building are located in major cities and guild official go to towns and villages to set up bounty boards and recruiting posters for people apply. But not everyone can register as an adventurer, it is a dangerous profession where almost hundreds of rookies die every year. Rookies will need to send applications with detailed information of their class and combat background. Then the officials inspect the applier and their experience in combat, swordplay, Magic or Alchemy. Once accepted and registered, adventurers are given a Guild license And Rank. The Rank will go up when you get enough guild points and take a rank-up quest.

The Guild License is a card that shows that you are an adventurer and what Rank they are. The ranking system is a bit odd but it works.
The ranks are: Starting at rank 11.
  • Rank 1: Platinum
  • Rank 2: Gold
  • Rank 3: Silver
  • Rank 4: Bronze
  • Rank 5: Ruby
  • Rank 6: Emerald
  • Rank 7: Sapphire
  • Rank 8: Steel
  • Rank 9: Obsidian
  • Rank 10: Porcelain
  • Rank 11: Rookie

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