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New things
this is no a real update but I do want to share with you all of the updates that I have added.

Point system has a new way to get points/gold.
-Activity Rewards (testing this out, may remove it later)- Do a number of posts and threads to get gold/points.

Quest boards.
Roleplay quests are quests from the Adventurers guild on each and every planet. (even the animal one... which is odd... lol) Here RPers can apply for the License before doing any of the quests. Which the quests will award the rpers with RP points, Guild points and Rp Gold*.
Site quests are quests from the staff to help your post count, be more active, and allow you to earn even more gold, stamps, and other things.

**RP Gold is another type of point/gold system which you the member must keep updated. This will show up on your profile and you are allow to edit but please don't edit unless staff say you need to. The only way to earn this kind of gold is from the RP quests.

Awards: Removed.
This is where you can get your achievement stamps to show up on your profile. You can still post them in your Rain album, but this is just another way to know that you earn that achievement. This was removed.

I will edit this post with new things over time.
New things for June:

Avatar Gallery - Allows members to pick from some pre-made avatars this way. (Right now there is no Avatars there other then the Newbie pack avatars. In any member wants to add some to the gallery for others to use, please PM me.)
New thing as of 06/28/2022

Black rose RPG stats - It's just for fun. This is a few things but it's only for show.
Lv: your level.
Exp: you will earn exp from posting.
HP: hit points that will go up with your lvl. base HP is 100
MP: Magic points that also go up with your lvl. Base MP is 50
Limit Break: Think of Final Fantasy 7. You may name your limit break whatever you like but don't name it something with a lot of characters plz. It will stay at 75%.

The plug also comes with Gold, which I would set up for the RP gold.... or rename it to gil. XD Which I'm going to do. ^_^
And there is Element that doesn't work.
Lastly equipment. I will need a list of Weapons, Armor, Accessory and Summon stone.

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