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About the Quests
Site Quests

Quests are brand new and they're here for a trial period. If they wind up being popular, more of them will happen in the future, if they are not popular, then we will scrap the whole thing and move on. Below is everything you need to know about Quests and how they are going to work.


With that, things are still being worked out and everything found here is subject to change.

  1. Purchases must be made in the Quest shop. (shop is WIP)
  2. All quests, for now, will be done one on one with the staff member running them.
  3. Rewards will be issued after the quest is completed.
  4. Any questions must be directed to staff.
  5. All quests are predetermined, but staff may adjust missions accordingly.
  6. Send all of your entries to staff for the Awards.


Quest 01 - Friends!
This quest is a simple one. Get 5 ppl to join us, by asking your friends or sharing our ad around. Once you get 5 ppl to join, PM Salya with the usernames of them and you will get your award via PM.

Awards: 450 gold and Stamp
Repeatable: ✔ but only for the gold.
Quest 02 - Graphics hell!
This quest should be a simple one. All one needs to do is make 5 to 10 graphics that staff may use. The graphics may be 150x200 icons and 500x200 signatures for the Newbie thread Or some random 600x250 post headers, or do a mix of those listed.

Awards: 500 Gold and Stamp
Repeatable: ✘
Quest 03 - Look at the moon!
This quest is for the coders. All one needs to be is make some post layouts 2-4 for the staff to use. HTML and BBcode is allowed.

Awards: 200 gold per 2 layouts and Stamp.
Repeatable: ✔ but only for the gold.
text text text

More to come.


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