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Promotions and Rank Infor
Promotion Information
What Is A Promotion and How Can I Apply For One?
  1. Tainted Onez allows promotions to be earned through graphics, writing, and coding.
  2. Applications for promotions will open at the end of each month. You may apply during this time for as many as you wish.

Rank Information
  • Evaluations are not based on style preferences or trends, but rather versatility and mastery of technical graphic design aspects including: composition, focus, flow, balance, depth, space, hierarchy, etc. Coloring is considered in the sense if it is hindering the image quality, doesn't match the atmosphere of the graphic, or if you always use the same one (hindering versatility).
  • Evaluations are not based on style preferences or trends, but rather on versatility and mastery of grammatical skills, poetic comprehension, and storytelling abilities. Pieces are evaluated on a number of factors, with the focus ultimately being on creating strong narratives and connecting pieces to the reader. An extensive vocabulary is not required to progress in this area; instead, writers should work to find their unique voices and create pieces which evoke emotion, tell a story, and are technically proficient.
  • Evaluations are not based on style preferences or trends, but rather versatility and mastery of graphic and web design elements applied to templates. Adding more complex elements does not equal a higher rank and does not inherently display design ability — it's a matter of how properly the elements are used to create codes that balance aesthetics and functionality. User experience should be considered as much as how visually appealing a template is, and information should be easy to access and understand and not be hindered by aesthetics.

(may be changed about later)
graphics promotion chart
as a general guide, to get to the rank listed, focus on:
Rank 1 Rank 2 Rank 3 Rank 4
Mood/Theme 1 X X X X
Blending/Cutting X X X X
Image Quality 2 X X X X
Clear Focus X X X X
Balance of Space X X X
Hierarchy X X X
Depth X X X
Variety 3 X X X
Flow 4 X X
Style 5 X X
Storytelling 6 X X
Master of Elements/Gallery is Balanced X X

[1] All elements consistent with creator's defined theme or mood
[2] Various levels of quality issues: HQ images, resizing, overfiltering, etc.
[3] Variety in model numbers and focal point placements
[4] Using resources to lead the viewer's eyes to the focal point
[5] Developing a consistent style and a cohesive gallery
[6] Advance from basic themes and moods to consistently engage viewers

additional information
  • This is only a general guideline that covers the most commonly seen progression, provided their current rank matches their current skill.
  • The listed topics to focus on are a suggestion for what will make the biggest difference at their provided rank.
  • There is a spectrum of mastery so just because a skill was suggested to be a focus earlier does not mean one cannot still be struggling with it later.
  • To elaborate on image quality: a basic understanding of resizing images proportionally is expected after Rank 00, using medium-high quality images is expected after Rank 01, limiting overfiltering is expected after Rank 03.
  • Text is not listed as a topic on its own, since possible issues should be considered with the underlying issues' related topic (ex: space, theme / mood, depth, variety, clear focus, hierarchy, flow).
  • Coloring is only considered if it is hindering the image quality, doesn't match the theme of the graphic, or if the same one is always used (hindering variety).
  • Notice that there are no references to stocks vs textures, that is a stylistic choice. Promotions are predominantly based on strength of composition.

This will change.
Writing promotion chart
This is WIP
Coding promotion chart
This is WIP

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