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RP Activity STAMPS!
Hello there Rpers and welcome to the Activity stamp thread. Below I will tell you all about these pretty stamps. BUT Keep in mind, these stamps are not up for grabs since the activity card is a maybe. But you can see what is to come. ^_^

[Image: IWN5crw.png] [Image: jWnXeaQ.png] [Image: QituuP0.png] [Image: ZfRvAbv.png] [Image: dlTmTgs.png] [Image: 16q0Yqv.png] [Image: ma5cupC.png] [Image: Th5PM0j.png] [Image: G1OSJLM.gif]
RP Activity Stamps fall into the Achievement Stamp category and cannot be traded. 

  • Each month has a specific color crystal attached to it. You cannot claim another month's color for achievements made in a different month. (Example: December's rose color is red. For activity points earned in December, you can not grab the yellow rose, or the green rose, or the blue rose- only the red one. If you didn't earn a red rose in December, you'll have to wait around until the next month red is offered to claim it.)
  • You can only claim stamps once you have the cards for that month. The points needed and everything will be listed on the RP Announcements. Just reply to that month's announcement thread with your all of your points before claiming the stamp. Staff will be checking!
  • One stamp per month but if you collected all of the roses, you will be able to get the Rainbow stamp.

Well since this is all new and I don't know if this will take nor if the RP staff even like this idea. If you like these and would love to keep them, let us know in the Activity card thread.

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