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Seneca's Pokefarm
-Header banner is WIP since Sen is in bed after breaking her arm while dealing with Mew-

Rooms: (most rooms are outside settings)
Room 1 - Eggs -inside-
Room 2 - breeding -outside-
Room 3 - Random PKM -outside-
Room 4 - Seneca's PKM -in and outside-
Room 5 - Other's PKM -outside-

If you wish to have Seneca to watch over your pokemon, just PM Salya with this filled out:
[b]Character[/b]: your pkm OC
[b]Pokemon partner[/b]: Main PKm that your OC always has with them.
[b]PKM to send in[/b]: What PKM do you wish Sen to watch over?
Room 1: Egg room.

Setting: This is inside Seneca's house and is where she keeps all of the pkm eggs for them to hatch without problems. Sometimes, Mew can be found in here, sleeping.

Seneca's Eggs:

Random Eggs:

Other's eggs:
Room 2 Breeding Grounds

Setting: This is part of Sen's land that is set up for all breeding pairings will go to well.. Breed.

There is no Pkm here.
Room 3 - Random PKM

Setting: This will show all random PKM that show up at random times, to play with the pkm or just to hang out.

Pkm who are normally around: (Seneca doesn't own them but they act like she does)
[Image: trdizjk.png] [Image: HmMfD6J.png] [Image: KtIobc2.png] [Image: mBO7vXU.png]

Other pkm that come and go:
Room 4 - Seneca's PKM

Setting: Seneca's pkm can be found all over her land. Both inside her house and outside.

Her starter:
[Image: WXADy3P.png]

Other 5 pkm that she keeps around her or in her party:

Others that are around:
Room 5 - Other's PKM
Setting: Seneca keeps other trainer's pkm outside for the most part, so they can play with her own pkm as well as other pkm.

-Trainer's name-'s pkm:
none right now.

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