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Events that I wish to see
Here are some ideas for events that I would like to see as for RP events go.

Black rose RP events from GC. The events from there are mostly challenges for rpers. Look here for the GC Monthly RP Challenges. I would love to see our RP staff use them for ideas.

Exp: For the October Event. Based on this one.
Event called Writing Dead Challenge.
How to apply to it: reply to the thread of the challenge.

To COMPLETE the Writing Dead Challenge, before the 5th of next month:
> Post at least THREE TIMES in at least one RP you've brought back from the Graveyard during October!
> COMPLETE a RP that has been sent to the graveyard before!
> Participate in the Casual or Hardcore Event this month!
♥ Edit your acceptance post to show what challenges you completed!

Complete two to three objectives above and earn this bumper:
bumper here

Leftwing Events that have to do with Plot/lore building for a planet or more at the same time. Right wing
Exp: I had this idea that for all of our original planets have one thing in common, not counting the fantasy/mythical setting. What I'm saying is a mythical Crystal found in a random area on each planet. These Crystals are loosly based of the Final Fantasy crystal in the big size, different colors/elements and an Aeons.(Summons from the FF world). Like: Lophus is a water planet, so the Aeon that protects the blue Crystal is Leviathan. Which is the only planet with only one Aeon. There may be a humanoid that helps out the Aeon and may be a fighter, mage, etc.
As for the event, members can do short RPs to have their characters find, protect, or study the crystals. Staff or mods can play the Aeons for the event. As for the other Aeons, here's the list;
Tera has Bahamut. The Crystal is grayish with non-elemental. There is another aeon but it's unknown.
Detis has Ifrit and Shiva. The Crystal is fire/ice, making a pretty red and icey blue design.
Gaia has Odin and Alexander. The Crystal is Holy, making is a pretty soft whitish design.
Megiria has Phoenix and Ixion. The Crystal is fire/Lightning, making an odd design with red and yellow?

I may change bits if the RP staff wants to work with this.

and that's all. RP staff may add more if they like. ^_^

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