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Love like ours is really different [M]
Title: Love like ours is really different
By: SalyaDarken
Rated: M
Fandom: Beyblade
Pairing: Takao x Oc
Notes: Sexual and OOC will be in this oneshot.
Story Summary: .....
Comments allowed: yes


It was a nice calm summer day. There was no school, no training and well nothing to bother him. Takao sighed softly as he laid under a tree in the backyard of his grandpa's house. Oddly the old mad was out as his old brother just didn't live there anymore. In fact, his brother had a house next door with his wife, who Takao seemed to like yet she was a bit too mother like to him.

His blue eyes looked up at the clouds as they moved slowly. The soft wind moved the leaves of the tree. He didn't seem to notice his girlfriend watching him with his older cousin.

.:Inside of the house:.
“He's so calm.” A soft voice said with a cheerful tune. A soft smile was on her soft pink lips as her reddish brown eyes watched her own boyfriend.

Nearby, A girl with long blond hair sighed lightly as she looked over at her. “Aya, watching him, isn't a good thing.” Said the girl in a 'I'm-bored' tune in her soft voice. She was waiting on Kai to show up yet last thing she heard was that that boy was in Russia for some odd reason.

Aya looked over at the blond and giggled lightly. “I know, Salya but I like watching him. He's just so cute.”

Salya eyed the dyed dark blue haired girl then sighed, walking over to her. She reached over and softly touched her hair. “Your slate blue hair is starting to show.” She said with a soft smiled. “Why do you even dye it?”

Aya thought a bit then smiled as she turned back to watch Takao. “Easy. If I keep it dark blue, no one will know that I'm Kai's sister nor Lita's cousin.”

The blond shook her head and sighed. “Girl, I know who you are yet I can't even tell that she's your cousin nor the fact that I'm with your brother. Slate hair or dark blue. Aya, you are just too hyper to be a Hiwatari.” She said, as she turned and walked out of the room. She really can't tell that that girl was really a Hiwatari from how she acted, yet even Kai said once that she was indeed his only little sister.


Takao let out a soft sigh as he heard their talk. Sure, he didn't mean to, yet they were nearby. He looked over at the house and for a minute, locked eyes with his weird girlfriend before she blushed and ran off to another room.
He shook his head lightly and looked back up at the sky. “We been together for years... yet you still act like we just started dating... I really wonder what pulled us together.” He muttered to himself as if he was talking to her. The weird thing was, he was starting to think that the day was something but another peaceful day.

(Yes, this one-shot is mostly on Aya. So it will jump a lot until they get into one place. -_- This will be a long one-shot.)

Aya blushed as she ran into the room that her and Salya were sharing then over into Salya who was looking through her bag.

Salya blinked a bit as she felt arms around her and looked over at the younger girl. “What's wrong? Did Takao say something?”

“No.. we locked eyes.”

The blond glared a bit. “...really...? That's all?”

Aya nodded softly.

Salya sighed lightly as she removed Aya's arms and turned to her. “It's been 4 years since you two started dating official. 5 if you count the first year you meet him, and you were always hugging on him.” She said softly. “How does locking eyes still make you so red that you hide?”

Aya looked up at her friend with a soft blushline. “I don't really know. I know that it's been years but just locking eyes makes my heart stop... Doesn't your heart do the same with you're with Kai?”

Salya blinked a bit. “Heart stop....” She thought a bit then sighed lightly with a soft sigh. “I'll tell you something if you dare not say to anyone else.”

The dark blue haired girl nodded with a soft smile.

“Yes....” The blond said with a soft blushline. “But it's different from you and Takao... I mean Kai's hyper sister is with his own rival. Not to add...”

“That your cousin is with your lover's sister?”

“Aya, why don't you just go talk to Takao? Hell, go kiss that baka.” Salya said with a soft sigh. This girl was really annoying her with this love talk. She loved her like a sister but hell all this talk was making her miss the coldhearted Russian.

Aya blushed a bit then nodded with a soft sigh. “I'll go away and talk to Takao...” She sounded a bit poutly but walked out of the room, making Salya flinch add that thought of the hyper one poutly.


He had his eyes closed as he heard someone walk softly over to him. Without opening his eyes, he could tell that it's Aya, since that girl walks really softly even when she's so hyper and running. He did flinch lightly with she poked his cheek. “Aya...”

She smiled lightly as she knelt down, putting an arm over her skirt as she pressed her knees onto the soft warm grass. “Takao, can you come inside and lay down with me?”

Takao felt his cheeks warm up softly as he opened his eyes, looking over at her. “Isn't it a bit early to sleep?” He asked lightly as he sat up.

Aya thought a bit as she reached over and brushed some grass from his red t-shirt. “Maybe, but I can't really think of anything for us to do together other then cuddle....”

He could think of a few things yet Kai was have his head on a few of them. He shook his head slightly and reached over, pulling her to his lap. “Well, We could go to the park, annoy Max, watch some movies, or call Kai and piss him off to no end.” He said, just saying a few of his ideas that wasn't her under him.

She thought a bit then smiled softly. “Why don't we get Kai on the phone, give it to Salya then go watch movies?”

Takao thought a bit then blinked. “Is cous that annoyed with our love?”

Aya nodded. “That and she really wants Kai to get her away before she gets sick of this.”

He laughed lightly. “I still don't see why she can't stay with Rei, Maxie or even Hiro.”

She giggled lightly as she looked up at him. “Rei's having Sin problems, Maxie is with his mom and who would dare to stay with Hiro and his 'mother to everyone' wife?”

He sighed lightly. “I see...” He then laughed lightly again before kissing her cheek. “I'm glad that bro and sis are out today.” He said as he stood up, still holding onto Aya.

She blinked a bit as he stood up, picking her up as he did. “Inside time?”

“Yep. Plus I'm sure that Kai misses his sister randomly calling him.” He smirked lightly as he walked into house. He walked into the living room and sat her down.

Salya walked into the room and blinked lightly. “So the couple finally came into the house after one of them been outside all day.”

Takao sighed lightly as Aya giggled. “Cous, go do something.” Takao said, lightly glaring at her.

Aya giggled lightly again as she stood up and went over to her cell that was changing. She picked it up and dialed her brother's phone number. She looked over at Takao then walked out of the room with a soft smirk.

Salya saw the smirk and blinked again. “Who is she going to annoy?”

Before she got her answer, they heard the girl start giggling a lot. So they walked into the kitchen were Aya was holding her side, giggling as someone was yelling over her cell.

“I'm taking that he was sleeping?” Takao asked with a smirk.

The giggling one, nodded and handed the cell to Salya who was confuse but she took the cell and walked out of the room.

.:blah... skip a few hrs:.

Takao walked out of the living room as Aya stayed, watching a movie. He walked to the room where his cousin was in, only to see her asleep with the dark blue cell closed. He sighed lightly as he walked into the room, grabbed the cell then walked out. He didn't know why but he got a feeling that this weekend was going to end badly.

Aya looked up as Takao walked back into the darken room and sat down near her. She tilted her head a bit then blushed when his lips pressed lightly against hers, but only for a sec. “Is everything alright?”

He smiled lightly and nodded as he placed her cell on the ground. “Yea. I just wanna be with you as long as I can before the devil comes back.”

She blinked a bit. “Devil?” She then giggled lightly. “So you get the feeling that he will show up?”

He nodded with a sigh.

She thought a bit then kissed him lightly. “Then let's go to your room and cuddle. So if he does kill you, you can die happy.”

He laughed lightly and kissed her cheek. “and this is one reason why I love you so much.

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