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Jamais Vu [jcink]
► American HP RP | New | Active

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We are a brand new, laidback site & have just opened!

Quote:Twenty-four years ago the wizarding world experienced a turn of events that would change everything. In the United Kingdom the Battle of Hogwarts was won and all around the globe things began to change. The dark aligned forces quieted and when they did a new, more accepting vision came into the light. The wizarding world began incorporating muggle technology and advancements into their society and a new age began to rise.

Here in America wizarding tech skyrocketed and before long every witch, wizard, and warlock had an adaptation of a phone in their hands. With all this new technology MACUSA has tried to keep up, but in winter of 2021 things almost changed forever. A student at Ilvermorny accidentally leaked footage online of the school and the American wizarding world panicked. Luckily MACUSA was able to contain the situation before it erupted into a worldwide outing of the wizarding community, but now stands the question: what happens now?

Many witches and wizards believe that it is time to lift international statue of secrecy– after all, we’ve taken so much good from the no-maj’s, what good could we give to them? Others believe we have allowed no-maj contraptions to come too far into the wizarding world and it’s brought nothing but trouble. A new dark order is rising out of the ashes of this fear. Will you fight to keep the worlds separate, or will you rally with those who wish to combine our two worlds once and for all?

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