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Donations and Site Costs Guide
This is for those who wish to help us out by Donating.

How To Donate
For just PM Salya for the link to her Ko-fi. Or chick here.
Any and all Donations made through the site go towards monthly cost to keep Tainted Onez, and the domain it's on, up.

Types of Expenses
Month payment
Fees paid each month for services, such as web hosting. (I would love to get an email through Dreamhost, but can't yet.)

Site Costs & Donations
Updated: 00/00/2022

Monthly Costs: $7.99 (my husband plans for it right now)
Average Monthly Donations: none

If we add email then it'll be: $1.67 + $7.99 = $9.66... that isn't much but I don't want to annoy my husband do add that, since he is paying all of bills to the house right now. -sighs-

So what that all said, what bonuses would you get from donating?
well, that is truing up in the air right now. For I can't really think of much. But what I do have are 4 packs, whats in each pack is well... WIP.

Pack 1- The $5 pack.
~ 500 points
~ Alchemy Pack Pack Ticket
~ 1 free sprite of your choosing
~ [Image: J6g7Uou.gif]

Pack 2 - the $10 pack.
~ 1000 points
~ Free Username Change Ticket
~ Dragon Pack Stamp Ticket
~ 3 free sprites of your choosing
~ [Image: 0TIpd7Y.gif]

Pack 3 - the $15 pack.
~ 1500 points
~ Free Username Change Ticket x2
~ Dragon Pack Stamp Ticket x2
~ 5 free sprites of your choosing
~ [Image: Bm1MRU5.gif%5D]

Pack 4 - the $20 pack.
~ 2000 points
~ Free Username Change Ticket x3
~ Ritual Pack Ticket
~ 10 free sprites of your choosing
~ [Image: Jt7W2MG.gif]

The packs may change over time but the stamps will not... maybe. And if you have any questions, please Pm me and I will give you my best answers to your questions.

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