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Darkness Realm [Salya's Journal]
Anime and manga That I Know

1/2 Prince
16 Life

A Little Snow Fairy Sugar
Absolute Boyfriend

Adarshan no Hanayome
Ah! My Goddess
Angel Voice
Asa mo, Hiru mo, Yoru mo
Attack on Titan

Beyblade MF
Black Blood Brothers
Black Butler
Black Cat
Bubblegum Crisis: Tokyo 2040
Bloody Kiss
Biyaku Cafe
Barajou no Kiss
Back Arrow

Cowboy Bebop
Chrono Crusade

Devil May Cry
Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba
Dengeki Daisy
Divine Melody
Dragonball - Z, GT, Super

Escaflowne - Show and Movie

Fullmetal Alchemist
Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
Fruits Basket
Fushigi Yuugi
Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden

Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet
Gunslinger Girl

Hell Girl
Heart no Diamond
Hoshi wa Utau
Heroic Age

Innocent Venus
IS: Infinite Stratos
Itazura na Kiss

Jing King of Bandits

Kiddy Grade
Kaleido Star
Koi, Hirari
Kimi wa Boku no Toriko Nare
Kannazuki No Miko


Midnight Children

Ningyou Kyuutei Gakudan


Perfect Blue
Princess Bride Story


Ronin Warriors

Sailor Moon
Sailor Moon Crystal
Speak Through Colors
Switch Girl!!
Seikon no Qwaser
Saint Dragon Girl Miracle
Saint Seiya
Saint Seiya - The Lost Canvas
Saint Seiya - Next Dimension
Saint Seiya - Episode G
Sazanami Cherry
Sword Art Online

Tonari no Inuyama-kun
Tokyo Kareshi
Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun
Tokyo Innocent

Usotsuki Lily

Vampire Hunter D
Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust
V.B. Rose

Waruiko Demo Ii?
Watashi no + Okusuri
Watashi ni XX Shinasai!
W Juliet
Wait! Wolf
Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun

X the movie


Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon
Yoroshiku Master
Yowaito Nikki
Yu Yu Hakusho
Yume Chu

Zettai Heiwa Daisakusen
Zettai Kakusei Tenshi Mistress Fortune
Zoku Kindan no Koi wo Shiyou

Will update over time
MY AU of Five Nights of Freddys.

Moira - Witch and Micheal's Princess
Micheal - Pirate fanboy. It's unsure how he felt about his princess.
Ben - Sweetheart and bonny lover
Fred - Ben's close friend and bear lover
Kat - Moira's only female friend.
??? - too shy play but he lived by Moira. (doesn't have a name yet)

Note: Moira is my oc and her magic is really weird. All Animatronics turn humanoid at night! but only around her. And Mangle is a male. Chica and Toy Chica are the only females as far as animatronics go.

Fredbear’s Family Diner 1970-1977

Purple guy was close with the owner’s of the family Diner, and that is where he made his first kill; the Marionette/Puppet. The Marionette was a toy that one of the Family members had as a kid and when they started the diner they used it to entertain the kids, when they sold the company they gave it away as well.

-Credit for the first place info that all for dates: here-

Fazbear’s Diner 1978-1982

Purple guy started working here just as Spring Bonnie and Spring Freddy started up here. They were as popular so they shut down and opened the pizzeria.

Fazbear’s Pizza 1983 (FNAF 4 isn't really part of this AU but whatever)

Spring Bonnie and Spring Freddy do their thing here but they get new friends: Freddy Fazbear, Bonnie the Bunnie, Chica the chicken, and Foxy the pirate.
Moria's Mother started working here, as her daughter and group of friends started hanging around the place. Sadly they weren't around when Golden Freddy/Spring Freddy bit a kid.
A week before they shut down, 5 kids went missing as Moira got Nightmare 'pets'.
-A bit more info about this time, the nightmares are not fully evil as Moira's magic made them. It's unsure of the reason yet only Nightmare Foxy is allowed in her room. lol Also before they shut down, Moira's mother disappeared, leaving the young girl with plushies and a busy father-

Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria 1987 (fnaf 2)

Bite of 87 happens and well... Moira is the reason. She starts working the week before Jeremy did. She befriended Mangle and her working there started making Foxy act up. Bonnie(without an arm and face) would help her with the puppet's music box, somehow as Mangle, or the Toy would talk with her. Sadly Foxy NEVER went into the office.
When she went to day shift, that's when all when down hill. but yet, she didn't see anything. How? Well Bonnie got her on her break and pulled her into the Parts/Service where the broken Freddy and Chica were. Freddy covered her ears as Chica somehow cover her eyes. It wasn't until after nightfall and Mangle left her go(somehow that toys got into the room and mangle... yea.. AU! remember this is an AU!), when they told her what happened.
Foxy bit a kid! Yet Moira's magic made it appear that Mangle did it. Yet Foxy had the blood. Weird huh?

Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza 1993 (fnaf 1)

Mike is killed or moved to day shift as Moira starts night shift. The animatronics still didn't kill her as the spirits oddly wouldn't. Yet if anyone else worked night shift, they would kill them. Sadly No one questioned things when day shift would find Moira sleep in Pirate Cove near the most Deadliest animatronic of the group.

---FNAF3 doesn't happen in this AU. Springtrap fangirls don't whine yet. You still get him in this AU.

Moira bought out the Pizzeria and buys all of the animatronics. Secretly years before she bought the toys and hid them at her moms old house which her father owns and yet is never home as Moira lived with plushies... until...

Well she even bought the building and updated it by adding all of the rooms from FNAF 2 into the FNAF 1's building. She even updated Springtrap's room and ended up waking him up. more on him in a bit. She added a huge basement for her to official live in since she didn't trust kids to not get in at night. -_- Plus her apartment was getting to small thanks to the Nightmares which moved to the basement with her yet stayed as plushies since they didn't get along with the originals.

Now about Springtrap, he has a strip-personality problem and both sides don't really like Moira. Purple guy's soul is scared of her as Springtrap... it's unsure. He just keeps away from her.

Oh I didn't know where to really put this, but the animatronics know a secret that they will not never tell Moira. Her mother used her self to tested something out. Since she too was a witch like her daughter yet had the power to see the future which she limited herself to only see Moira's future. Anyways, she had Golden Freddy use her body and put her into a suit to see if her magic would take to it. Sadly it didn't and ended up killing her. What made her do that test was the fact, she saw her only daughter falling in love with an animatronic who had the soul of her daughter's crush. (aka Foxy)

Moria x Foxy yet she can be paired up with Mangle and Nightmare Foxy.
Others are free for shipping. xD
Books I read:
- All House of Night Books. (need the Novels)
- Twilight book 1-3... Some of 4.
- Harry Potter Book 1-4, working on 5 T_T
- A Darker Dream

Need to update... I thinking
This is just an idea for a GU one-shot

Tsukasa is back online and the world is a bit like it is in the new game .hack//Link.

Luna has a thing for wavemasters and she just really likes Elk. Well when she gets an flash mail from Endrance telling her to meet him at the church that she really loves. So she goes, only to see Tsukasa, Elk and Endrance. At first she didn't understand how Endrance and Elk was there since they were the same player.

Then Aura appears that when all of the memory and such of Elk was still around, so she made an AI of Elk. Like how Hilda did with Tsukasa on the 4th .hack game.

Luna didn't really know what to say. She didn't want to annoy Endrance with his past character even if she still loved that character. So she asked Aura why.

Aura just smiled and left, annoying Luna. even if the goddess was the leader of her guild, the appearing and disappearing was annoying. lol

So Luna turned to Endrance and asked him how he felt about this.

He thought then smiled lightly. He told her that with Elk around maybe she would be more happy. Not that she wasn't anyways.

She shook her head and turned to Elk, then hugging on him. She then said that she really loves Endrance's offline player so much. She then smirked at Tsukasa. She let go of Elk and walked over to him.

She leaned close to his ear and told him, "I know that offline you're a female, but I don't mind since I really love your character, Tsukasa."

That's the main point. She really don't mind Tsukasa being a girl offline. She really loves her male character. lol And Endrance knows all of this. XD
One-shots that I got an idea for after looking at Gundam wing yaoi.

Just one kiss - Heero
Just one Hug - Quatre
Just one Moment - Trowa
Just one Night - Duo

Sadly, you might call Serena a whore or so but the only sexual part will be with the Duo one. If I remember right, each one-shot was going to show the readers how Serena acts around each pilot. I don't like Wufei and he doesn't get along with Serena. So Amia might do the 'Just one' theme with her oc and Wufei.

for a hint.
Serena has dated each piloted, other then Wufei, before official getting with Duo. Trowa was her first love when he was No Name on L3. Heero had a thing with her after she lost her gundam's key and he found it. Quatre was her first kiss and she just like kissing the blond pilot. xD Duo was well... She finds him interesting in anyways.

These one-shots, again if I remember right, take place after the OVA. Serena doesn't do the disappearing thingy anymore.

If I'm wrong about the pairings... oh well. I don't really have ocs for Quatre nor Trowa since I pair Serena up with any of the 4. So nah.
A part for a Soundwave fanfic:
She glared as she crossed her arms. She needed to go to the mall yet her car didn't want to go anywhere. "Soundwave, if you don't start up, I will so... go use Dad's car." She growled lightly. When she didn't get any reply other then two metal tentacles in her face, she let out another growl. "I don't care what you say, I have a date and I need to get there." She told the car only to get nothing. It was starting to make her wish for a normal car.

A part for a Bumblebee fanfic:
She sighed lightly as she leaned back against the seat. "And you are doing this again, why?" She asked, glaring lightly at the radio. "And don't tell me that I'm not allowed to leave the house again?"

The radio changed around as Bee tried to find the right words to say. He didn't want to her to leave. Not to meet some unknown guy.
She sighed lightly again as she noticed that he can't say anything. "Bee, I'm just meeting with my brother. So if you don't start up and take me there or let me drive, I will trade you in for a normal car."
On that note, Bee started and took her to the car shop that her brother owned.

About each part.
Soundwave is well... annoyed. The girl wants to go to the mall for a date yet by this time, he has feels for her. She doesn't know of his human form yet so, she doesn't get why her favorite silver car is being well... an a$$.

As for Bee's part. That oc has to meet up with her brother at his shop to meet his girl. Bee doesn't know yet since last time, she was meeting up with her last boyfriend who wasn't a good boyfriend. Like Soundwave, bee hasn't showed the girl his human form and he's unsure about it.

About the girls. They are cousins. Soundwave's girl is named Crystal as Bee's girl is name Faye. Crystal's family is well rich and she has a thing for silver things. As Faye's side of the family isn't as rich as her cousin but still. She has a thing for working on cars. Both girls are best friends and will talk to each other about their cars, yet they will NEVER let the cars meet. lol The cars do spy on them if there isn't any battles. xD

And yes, both girls don't care about sides. They do care if their cars show up with markings. XD Good thing Faye's big brother's shop does paint jobs as well as sell cars. lol It's the same shop that another fanfics might use. A Knockout fanfics. lol
Future stories... Well their titles.

Love is blind - original story of a blind human male paired with a nine tailed fox female

Is this my fantasy - Final Fantasy Tactics. Normal girl appears into the final fantasy world.
Pairing: Ramza x oc

Unusual Love - I don't know.
Title: 4 Spades

Main characters
The GW boys aka Quatre and them.
Serena(my oc) who is marked as the queen of ♥
Sina(my oc) who is Serena's sister and marked as the Ace of ♦
Lina(Amia's) who is marked as two of ♣
???? who is marked as King of ♠
Amia (Amia's) - just there

Serena x Duo - my official pairing. lol
Lina x Quatre
Sina x Heero
Amia x Wufei - my friend, Amia's official pairing. ((I don't like Wu-chan btw))
???? x Trowa -The girl is unknown right now but she's Amia's. lol

Bad people:
Serena and Sina's parents.

Plot: A fanfic with a plot.. weird. xD
Serena has a habit of disappearing. Sina, her little sister knows why but was told not to tell. The pilots are used to it and all but wufei believes the reason is that she has problems. Little did they know, that they were right. Serena's past that she locked away, was coming up locked and she was hiding from it.

Well 3 years of disappearing. (Started right after the main show yet before the OVA) Serena disappeared yet again but this time was different. Without giving her sister nor Quatre a hint, she just left. Hiding this time in space, in a hidden based owned by her own group called Black Oz(might change). While hiding, she didn't e-mail Quatre nor anything, in fact she stayed in her room. while got the twins, Seiya and Shinn worried about her.
One day, Sina gets a weird letter with a game card, Ace of ♦. Later that night, her sister called her cell, without anyone knowing, and told her that she got a weird card, Queen of ♥. Sina told her that she got a card too. Serena then told her sister, not to tell the pilots or anyone about the cards and that she was going to look into it.

Little did they know, the girls's parents were up to something and it's has to do with the 4 girls that ran away when they were young. Yet the questions are, who told the parents and why the girls?

blah. it's a weird idea and I can't fully start it until Amia gives me her oc for Trowa-kun. -_- Also Serena and Sina's parents are evil. They started a project with 4 girls, giving them different powers. Serena can see the spirits of gundams and oddly talk to them. Sina can pilot anything without knowing how. Lina and the other one, I don't know.

Also Serena is linked to my Gundam 00 character, Sirena who could do the same with the spirits of gundams. She's paired up with Setsuna official. weird I know.

Roselia - She's for Firion. She used to work under the bad guy (who is really hot) but turned and joined Firion's team. Her past is really confusing since she can't remember anything before meeting the bad guy.

I don't remember my oc for this world. xD

Same. I do remember she was the lost little sister of Edge and she was in a weird relationship with Kain and Cecil. It was like Cecil liked her but she liked Kain. Kain liked her as she dislike Cecil. XD She even lost her first kiss to Edge. Now to remember her name...

-plots to kill Barts-

no comment....

Lenea- She's for Vincent but in the past she was for Cloud. She has a long past with Cloud since she lived in the same town as him. She has a younger little sister who she is caring for. She hates Tifa. In the world of Dissidia, The goddess called her there to help with Cloud. Sadly, she don't remember why but she really gets annoyed about him. In this world, she can be paired up with Sephiroth and Cloud. In KH, She's for Cloud. She's looking for the darkness since she can't stand the light. She helps Sora a bit in KH2.
Her weapons are a smaller sword that looks like Cloud's and a hand gun.

Alexia- She's for Yazoo. She was saved by Sephiroth and oddly he didn't know why he saved her. If rps, she was raised my Sephy and Joane*(oc) and in the game story, she wasn't. Hojo liked to put things into her blood.. blah. She's not in any setting. Oh and she has a slight sephy problem.

Lina or Linyra - She's for Kudaj. For some odd reason, she don't remember her past. Lenea saved her from Hojo's lab. She has some of Vincent's blood in her but that's all. it's like she's the daughter of Vincent. She has a weird thing for Kudaj where he's on his bike or standing somewhere, then the next then he knows it, he's on the ground. Alexia does the same but that girl yells Sephy as she does it. xD poor Kudaj.

I have two other FF7 ocs, One for Zack who can be paired up with Sephy and one for Genesis... but I need to rethink of them. Oh yea.. I got a male oc for Aerith but I don't know how he should look like. xD

Lara- She's for Squall. She has no memory before going to Balamb Garden. She gets confused a lot. She has this thing where she won't listen to anyone but Squall. In the world of Dissidia, She's the same. The time witch loves to confuse this girl by using Squall. In KH- She changed her name to Lina. She is always around Lenea or watching Leon train.
Her weapons are twin hand guns much like DMC's Dante's guns.

Lisa- This girl is really weird. She's paired up with Kuja and Zidane but she haves stronger feelings for Kuja. She's linked to Dagger yet no one is really sure how. Truth is, they are cousins who look a lot alike. Lisa was saved and raised by a king and queen of a kingdom(oc place in the game). She was raised as the princess since the king and queen didn't have any kids. Oddly, Lisa's born mother was saved too but she gave her daugher to the queen and became the kingdom's white mage, while hiding her summoning powers. Lisa and her mother had their horns removed. (story gets longer...) In Dissidia, she was pulled into the world to... do who knows. She has a thing about appearing randomly and hugging onto Kuja which yelling 'Kuja-kins' this girl doesn't get killed is unknown. She also has a thing about pulling Zidane's tail randomly. In KHs, she doesn't fully appear but she has a link to Keiko and later on, she's (oddly) dating Zidane.
Her weapon are her summons. She can summon different Aeons then Dagger and Eiko.

Luna- She's for Tidus... yet acts like she's not. She really hates her looks since she looks a lot like Yuna. Well to Tidus, she does. She's a summoner with aeons who really want to get hurt. xD She has auger problems. In 10-2, She's wondering around Spira with a guy who looks a lot like Tidus but is really different. Oddly, she is the only summoner around who still has her Aeons. In Dissidia, Her memory of why she's easily annoy by Tidus is gone yet she really wants to hurt that guy. She oddly hangs around with Lenea, Lara and Lisa. She gets into fights with Tidus's father easily whenever that old man says anything about her and Tidus being a Couple.

Tai- He's for Yuna. He looks a lot like Tidus but his hair is black as his outfit is more black and grey. He's calmer then his look-a-like and tries not to annoy Luna.
His weapons happen to be swords loosly based on Tidus's... Loosely as Tai's sword that is a Brother alike isn't a water type. If fact, it's more darkness then any other sword. ((I'll be using weapons from 10-2 dark warrior dress spare* for him. lol)

Rose- She's for.... there is a list of who can be paired up with. two are dead... But anyways, Rose is a bit*h and is easily annoyed. She doesn't always get alone with Vahn and when annoyed at him, will try to kill him. She's a princess of a dead kingdom and cousins to Ashe. In Dissidia 012, I don't think she would be allowed in this game since she would try killing Vahn a lot. To my luck, she'll be on the Chaos side by the end of the game. lol She appears in any game with Vahn... Like FFT A2 but I have yet to play that game.
Her weapons are mostly swords and Aeons. There are a few ice aeons who like to random appear around her.

uhm... I got an oc for Hope but I'm working on her. xD She's the little cousin of Snow and really hates him. yea...

OK that is all of my ocs for the Final Fantasy worlds. Well I forgot Tactis but who really rps as Ramus? >w> evil game.... Anyways. If you would like to rp ff and can play any of the canons, just PM me and tell me which canon you can play and which oc you like the most.

Oh yea... Here's my KH oc:

Keiko- She's for Roxas, Riku, Sora or Zexon. I might pair her up with Axel... She's the daughter of Xemas but who knows that nor knows how.( fun Fact. Terra is her true father. ) She's somewhat the princess of the Org. 13 but no one by a few see her as that. She helps Sora somewhat in both KH games. She's easily bored and is really carefree. Weirdly, she won't let anyone see her cry and she is always trying to make her guy smile.
Her only weapon is her power to summon Heartless... yet she is really scared of a few heartlesses. xD She's really weird.
She sighed lightly as she laid onto her bed. She didn't notice her laptop was on nor that her tv was off. She closed her eyes and pressed her left hand to her forehead. "So help me, I will hurt the next one who talks to me..." She said, mostly to herself.

On the screen of her laptop, the AI, Kitty opened it's chibi month but shut it as it shook it's chibi head. 'I will not be the one do point it out.' it thought as it where have to checking something out.

Just outside of her bedroom door, stood Shadow. He heard what she told herself just as he almost went in to ask her something. He shook his head, black hair with red highlights moved lightly as he did. "Not going to." With that, he went to his room, next to her.

sadly, One person in that house was the stupid one. He walked into her room as Shadow when into his and smiled. He didn't notice that she was in a bad mood. "Hey Yunnie...." He was stopped by a pillow hitting his face.

((XD Can you guess who was the stupid one? here's a hint: This is a sonic human fanfic. Blue and black live with my oc, Yuna. Yuna is 'dating' the baka. xD PM me if you think you know. ))

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